Andover Young Carers

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Schools play an important part in the lives of young people with caring responsibilities. We work in partnership with schools to support Young Carers throughout their academic years.

In conjunction with schools we work to identify hidden young carers.  Schools are the main access point as this is where children and young people spend the majority of their time.  It is essential that young carers feel valued and motivated to achieve to their highest level of education.

The young carers support workers do this by:

  • building relationships with Heads of Pastoral Care in schools,
  • raising awareness of young carers with staff in order that they can seek guidance and refer,
  • staff presentation highlighting how to identify 'hidden' young carers,
  • presenting assemblies and tutor/mentor groups encouraging young carers to self-refer,
  • initiating and supporting the development of young carers Drop-Ins in Secondary Schools,
  • supporting pastoral workers in Primary Schools who are dealing with young carers on a daily basis.

Referrals could consist of:

  • request for 1-1 emotional support in school,
  • lunchtime drop ins,
  • and/or Club Sessions.

Transition Work:

In addition to the work undertaken by schools, for Transistion from primary to secondary schools, our young carers support workers hold a 3 hour session during the summer.This is offered to those young carers who would benefit from extra support.  The session addresses any fears or concerns and provides reaassurance.


Assemblies are held in schools to raise awareness of:

  • What is a Young Carer?
  • What do they do? 
  • How are they affected by their caring responsibilities?

Drop Ins:

These are held regularly in local schools facilitated by the Schools' Young Carers Lead.

Our young carers support workers are present at Drop-Ins on weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis dependent on the needs of each school.


Other Organisations:

The Young Carers Support workers work closely with other Young Carers' Projects and liaise through the Hampshire Young Carers Alliance (HYCA).