Leave a gift in your Will

Andover Young Carers can only thrive thanks to the generous gifts we receive from supporters like you. After looking after your family and friends, leaving a gift in your will to Andover Young Carers will mean that you are helping us to support local young carers for many years to come. Your gift will enable us to plan far ahead and ensure all young carers in Andover and the surrounding area have a place where they can just be children, away from the adult responsibilities they often have to deal with.

Every Gift makes a difference…

While general donations keep the charity alive, legacy gifts are transformative for small charities such as Andover Young Carers. By pledging to leave a gift in your Will, you are making a lasting difference to the charity and its future.

How to make a Will…

We recommend you use a solicitor or professional Will writer. As Wills are so important, most people prefer a solicitor involved to ensure their Will is legal and valid.

How to change a Will…

You need a codicil to change an existing Will.

A codicil is a short, simple, legal document. This simply amends an existing Will to add a fixed sum (effectively a donation) to be given to a non-profit organisation, such as Andover Young Carers.

Andover Young Carers