A farewell blog from Jill Baines, Charity Executive

For this post, and as the sun tries to break through the morning clouds,  I will look forward not back. As the lockdown lessens, and if rules allow,  we are looking forward to the sounds of the children in the bungalow again, and frolics and fun in the garden. As always we will contact families when we have firm return dates. I am due to leave Andover Young Carers in April and wish to thank everyone who has supported the Charity and myself over the last 5 years. The charity has an amazing team of staff, whether paid or volunteers, who give so much to ensuring the young carers have the best possible opportunities they can. They all literally do go above and beyond in everything they do.

However, the real jewel in the crown, who we learn most from, and who drives us to do our best everyday are the young carers themselves, who were an absolute inspiration to me every day in my role. I hope you all continue to support them, and the team as much as you have over the last 5 years.

Andover Young Carers