Referrals come into Andover Young Carers in many ways. A child may be referred by a school, who, after chatting to the parents thinks that the child may benefit from some support from our service. A parent may directly refer, or indeed an older young person may hear of us in school, or see the posters or website and contact us for more information. However, when a child is referred the initial assessment process is the same, following a chat with the parents or carers, an assessment will be carried out, and if the young person is identified as a young carer a discussion will take place on the most appropriate support.Potential young carers can also be referred by other organisations, as part of a whole family support package.

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We currently accept referrals made by professionals, such as doctors, educational psychologists, health visitors, CAMHS, schools, etc. However if you are a Young Carer, a parent or sibling of a Young Carer, please contact us and we will follow up, contacting all relevant agencies to help with the referral process.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To reside in the Andover area or surrounding villages
  • To meet the definition of a young carers based on an individual assessment of need
  • The caring responsibilities must have a negative impact on the child in at least one of the following:
    • Impaired physical/mental health
    • Education, i.e. low attendance, exclusion
    • Impaired emotional and behavioural development
    • Family and social/peer relationships, i.e. bullying or family crisis

Children and young people may not be eligible if:

  • The care tasks are age appropriate and do not exceed that of their peers
  • The caring responsibilities do not have an adverse impact on the above points
  • Their lives are adversely affected by living with a family member in poor health but do not undertake any caring role
  • There is no parental consent to the referral

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