Andy’s Amazing Solo Kayak Challenge

At the beginning of September 2021 Andy Turrill undertook an amazing challenge to kayak solo from Reading to Bristol to raise money for Andover Young Carers. 6 days and 92 miles later he reached his goal, raising £700 in the process. This was a massive achievement for Andy, who faced many challenges due to his Autism Spectrum Disorder. He also suffers from anxiety which made this journey all the more impressive.

Andy told us that having “grown up with autism and anxiety, and not to mention five brothers, I found life as a young person very challenging. However, attending youth groups, not only helped to build my self-confidence and social skills, but they also sparked my passion for outdoor activities, and therefore, I know what a real difference groups can make to a young person’s life.”

Thank you Andy from everyone at Andover Young Carers!

Andover Young Carers