Gift your time this Christmas

Here at Andover Young Carers we are all excited by the launch of our new website. Tickling Trout, who kindly donated their time and expertise, have been very patient with us, and have produced a top class product.

I am hoping to keep you all updated about our work through this blog, to talk about successes we have had, projects we have been involved with, the fantastic contribution our volunteers make, and last but not least the fun our young carers have here at the Bungalow. As a charity, we are never more proud of the work we do than when we see and hear the young carers relaxing, having fun and enjoying each others company.

To achieve this end result we rely very much on support from the local community, whether it be smaller donations through collections in Church, or through a bake sale, or through larger scale funds achieved through a lengthy grant application process. We are always grateful for every amount, whether large or small. Soon I will be able to tell you more about our new scheme to become a ‘Friend of’ Andover Young Carers, where an individual or an organisation can pledge a monthly amount, or make a one off donation to support our work. We are hoping to launch this scheme soon, keep an eye on this blog and our Facebook Page – Supporting Andover Young Carers – for more information.

Gift your time this Christmas

December is always a busy time for us here. Club nights become that bit noisier as excitement builds for Christmas, at the same time as activities move indoors due to the cold and darker nights. We try not to use the ‘Christmas’ word too soon, but once December is here it is unavoidable. So for the next few weeks there will be glitter, cotton wool and excitement galore here. The highlight of the month is, as ever, the Christmas Party, where our younger carers get together for fun and games (generally involving the adults making a fool of themselves), and a visit from Father Christmas himself.

If you do find yourself with free time in 2018, perhaps think about whether you could volunteer some time here at Andover Young Carers, or possibly think of a fundraising idea, we always welcome visitors to the bungalow to chat ideas through.

Andover Young Carers