Happy Easter from the AYC Team

A very Happy Easter to all from Andover Young Carers. This time last year we had just finished a busy few weeks, the Easter eggs had been handed out and we were preparing for some busy lunchtime holiday drop-ins. The present uncertainty is hard for us all, for young people who are used to dashing around, seeing friends and burning off energy especially so. The staff of AYC are all still working, albeit in very different surroundings.  We are doing what we can to keep in touch with the young carers via text, phone calls and posting entertaining activities and craft ideas on Facebook, but there is a limit to what we and other agencies can do. That is why we have taken this opportunity to focus on building a virtual space for young carers to interact, get support and access hundreds of different activities to entertain or distract from the pressures of their home caring responsibilities. This is no small task, and unlikely to be operational for quite some time.  We think this will enhance the way we offer support, providing not just our fantastic bungalow but also a ‘virtual bungalow’ for those unable to access our site. We will update you on progress.

Andover Young Carers