Introducing Sally!

Hi, my name is Sally and I have been working as a Support Worker for AYC for three months. I am really enjoying going to meet the new Young Carers in their schools and their parents at home, as it means that I get to know some of the new Young Carers quite well before they start coming to an after-school club. I love doing different craft activities at home for example needle felting or 5d diamond painting so I am really happy when some of the Young Carers choose to do crafting here.

My partner and I have two crazy and bossy dogs who we regularly take out for walks in the countryside, the beach or sites such as Danebury Hill Fort. We really enjoy going to beaches and our dogs love playing in the water as long as it isn’t too cold!  I have worked in several different roles/organisations in Andover and the Test Valley and every day has been different because every family is different!

Sally Harrison

Andover Young Carers